Probate Cash Solutions -- The cash you need ... the support and ease you want for your "Inheritance Funding!"  Since 1992, our funding company has been providing fast cash advances to heirs of probate estates regardless of their credit status, employment or income history!


BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!  If you are an heir to a probate estate and you are looking for a cash advance, we can help!  We can provide a cash advance of $5,000 to $100,000 usually within 5 days of receiving your completed application!  No liability, no payment and no hassles!




Our company offers cash advances to heirs of probate estates in exchange for a flat-fee assignment.  These cash advances are not loans. The advance does not have an interest rate or a payment schedule of any kind. Your income or credit status is NOT an issue/problem!

Instead of lending you money, we take an assignment of your future inheritance. Think of the assignment as a lien on your inheritance. We advance you money today in exchange for a set amount further down the road.

The dollar figure for this set amount depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of your inheritance, whether or not real estate is involved, and how long we think it will take for the court to distribute your inheritance and pay us back.

In just about every case we assume that in a worst case scenario it will take a year for the probate court to pay us back.  If your inheritance takes longer than a year to distribute, the cost NEVER goes up!

If your inheritance distributes in less than a year, you may qualify for an early pay-off rebate!


SUMMARY:  The cash advance is paid back by the probate court out of your inheritance:


 NO payments from you

 NO credit score requirements

 NO employment requirements

 NO application fees

 NO obligation

To get started please CLICK HERE to download a BASIC one-page form. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service by going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you receive the money you need as quickly as possible!




Thank You!